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How to Go from Bad Singer to Good Singer - Felicia Ricci

Each month we will feature an artrist that work on the gay scene or have strong links to it. This month we feature Feryl. Hailing from Middlesex but spending his teenage years in Fareham, music artist Feryl returns to Southampton on a regular basis to record at Jojo F’s “Red Room Studios”. We speak to him about music, Pride and his love of all things creative.

Southampton Pride: Welcome to our first interview, can you tell our readers about your career?

Feryl: Thanks for having me, well I started singing when I was at school and the career’s advisor told me that singing could never be my career. Many moons later and I’ve performed all over Europe, fronted bands, won an award in America for my debut album and as UK male singers go I have performed at more LGBT+ internationally than any other.

SP: That’s quite an achievement, why are Pride events so important to you?

Feryl: The need for “Pride” is still very prevalent. I’ve been lucky enough that the generations that have come before me have stood up for equality and diversity and the baton doesn’t just stop with them. Kids these days are brought up in a different world where things are MORE accepted, but oppression still exists! My version of “Pride” is about standing side by side with fantastic drag queens and Gogo boys in hot pants but making audiences feel like there is an artist doing things a bit differently to what the “Pride-performer-stereotype” can be.

SP: Do you have any advice for up and coming performers?

Feryl: DON’T DO IT! (laughing) Seriously though. Practice your craft. There are bound to be hiccups with lights going out, the sound system going out, falling off of pianos/the edge of the stage/splitting your trousers (true stories) but if you can bring it all back from those situations, you have something. Oh, and value your worth. That will be different to every performer but if you have something special, the rewards will come.

SP: Where do you turn for inspiration?

Feryl: I’ve always been fascinated with street art, modern art, architecture, design..l find my sanctuary in the Tate Modern, the V&A museum and when I record in Southampton I often head to the gallery there. The next time the Modern Art instillation comes around, you have to go!

SP: What does the future hold for you?

Feryl: I spent the whole of last year recording new material which will be drip-fed throughout the year. This way I can pick the best of what HAS been recorded to share whilst also recording NEW music. It’s been a nurturing process and I can’t wait to see how audiences react to it.

King of Everything is available on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay and MORE from February 12th 2018


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