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Southampton has seen it's fair share of gay venues come and go over the years. Some fondly remembered, some better forgotten lol. Like most cities, the amount of bars and pubs has dwindled but we have a few venues left. Click here to have a look.


The Triangle in Bournemouth is the place to head for any gay bars and clubs. We visited recently, which was the first time in a while and were quite surprised that some of the old places we used to visit had gone. But a few new ones have popped up.


Still firmly on the gay scene map, Brighton is a great place for a weekend break. There are some great bars and clubs and also plenty B&B accommodation. The gay Brighton village is based around the Kemp Town district with the main focus being St. James Street


As far as we are aware, the only surviving gay venue in Portsmouth is The HB or Hampshire Boulevard to give it it's proper title. Martha's used to be one of the bars/club but sadly has gone. There is a men only sauna, Tropics.


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