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Eating Out

What’s the best places to dine in the area? Where to avoid! We take a look (and taste) at a few restaurants around the South. We also give our opinion on some take-aways. But remember, it’s our opinion. Everyone has different tastes and expectations of what their dining experience should be.

It’s a YES to the Pizza menu. Fantastic home made bases and toppings.

It’s a YES. Great cocktails but get there early for the half price offers. We sampled most of the tapas dishes. Love this place for atmosphere & service. Although our first visit was a bit better than the second.

It’s a MAYBE. Good cocktails and again with half price offers. The food portions, we felt were not worth the money. We’d go back for a drink but not dinner. It was tasty but a little skimpy.

It’s a YES. Probably the best chippy in Southampton. Sit in or takeaway. Friendly staff, great service. Mikes can be found in Queensway Southampton.

Eating In- Some great recipe ideas...


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